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Specialized in making and delivering quality Moulds, Tools, Plastic Components, etc.

About Us

To have absolute perfection in the design and shape, most of the companies that make products after melting material, invest on buying moulds. Moulds are basically a hollow containers, made to give shape to the melted or hot liquid material after getting hard or cool. For meeting the market requirements of plastic, rubber and metal products makers related to moulds, we, Revanta Moulds & Tools, are running our business. We are a new company, which is working hard to transform its dreams into reality by fair work practices and consistent delivery of quality products. As a manufacturer and exporter, we are winning faith of customers by serving the finest Injection Molding, Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Components, Tools And Moulds, etc. Moulds we offer find their use in several processes including extrusion molding, blow molding, transfer molding, injection molding and matrix molding, to name a few. From the finest material, all moulds of our company are developed to become strength of the companies in their products making work. In order to meet requirements of a large number of customers, we are making available our range in a number of designs, sizes, shapes and specifications.

Our Business Objectives

We are a new company, which with its well planned work approaches, aim to secure its place in the roots of the industry. For this, we have adopted many approaches, like:

Productivity- Knowing the fact to serve a commendable range, employees need to remain productive and we work to sharpen their skills & knowledge by conducting training and providing them several equipment.

Profitability- No company in the world can survive in long run without earning good profits, we ensure that our revenues stay ahead of the total cost of doing the business. We periodically adopt better technology & approaches that help us in controlling the production cost and maintaining the needed margins of profit.

Customer Service- Clients are valuable for every organization, and we with our customer services work sincerely towards retaining the interest of the clients and generating repeat revenues from them.

Employee Retention- For our firm, our employees are valuable, we provide them good work conditions and career growth opportunities to retain them with us. As recruiting new personnel is no investment, it requires waste recruitment cost, employment advertising expenses and payments to the agencies.

Growth- Having plan of being in business for years, we work adopting planned growth focused approaches. To have the desired growth rate, we make sure that our financial data and personnel management is done in an impressive way.